Established in 1986, Longplayer Stereo Center, originally located in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State, relocated to Bridgton Maine in 2005. Now nestled in the Lakes Region of Maine with a picturesque back drop of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Longplayer continues to promote and sell finer audio and home theater components. Our goal, to provide higher quality goods and services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

My name is Richard Favia, owner of Longplayer Stereo Center. People some times ask me, “ What do you do here?” I sell high end audio components. I’ve done so for more that forty years.

Next question: “What does HIGH END mean? ”Simply put, it is the quality of the reproduction of music, how close to real can it become. The better the components (speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, disc players, etc. and including connection wiring) the more accurate the sound. This raises the level of enjoyment by bringing you, the listener, closer to the live performance.

Another question: “Doesn’t HIGH END come at a higher price?” A simple answer is, ‘not always.’ If money is no object Longplayer sells some of the world’s more expensive and well known components so you may achieve an almost ‘audio nirvana.’ However, finding high end items that rival those at the rare end of the price spectrum, but cost far less brings high end quality to many more people and many more people to Longplayer Stereo Center.

We are eager to obtain your business, but recommend supporting your local dealer. If you are unable to locate a dealer for specific products in your area we will be happy to serve you.

I look forward to meeting with or speaking with you and delivering quality components for you to enjoy.