ProJect Essential-III-

The new Essential III builds on the successes of the Essential II. The Essential II is a fabulous sounding turntable. It’s the least expensive turntable on the market that includes both a high precision main bearing and a solid, adjustable tonearm that’s based on the award winning Debut design. It’s become the starter turntable of choice for audiophiles the world over. 

33, 45 (manual speed change)

Belt drive

Speed variance 
33: .21% 45: .19% 

Wow & flutter 
33: .70%    45: .60%

300mm MDF with felt mat

Main bearing 
Stainless steel

8.6” aluminium 

Effective arm length 
218.5 mm 

22 mm

Effective tonearm mass 
8 gr

for mass 3 - 5.5g (included)

Tracking force range 
0 - 2.5 grams (OM10 1.8 grams recommended)

Included accessory 
Power supply, dust cover 

Includes factory mounted Ortofon OM 10 phono cartridge

Will quote packaging, shipping and insurance costs upon request.

Call 207 647 8649 to purchase now for only $349.00           

ProJect Essential-III-