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Maine's Rogue Audio Headquarters

New Rogue Audio RP5 V.2 in stock and on display now

We know you will find what you are shopping for. There are so many names in the audio industry. Some new and some very old and respected. That being said it is sometimes hard to keep track of all of them. Also, a great deal of the companies that were once at the core of our business are no longer around or have decided to produce lesser components aimed at a mass market rather than the music enthusiast.

Here at Longplayer Stereo Center we remain true to our love and keep company with some of the worlds leading audio and home theater component manufacturers. Their products in many instances set standards by which other component brands may be judged. Martin-Logan Elecrtostatic Speakers, Rogue Audio vacuum tube and hybrid audio components, Marantz Audio and Home Theater components, PSB Speakers, ProJect brand audio and turntables, NAD  Audio and Home Theater components or VPI Turntables and Record Cleaning Machines  are only a few of the fine brands of equipment we sell. 

You can find higher quality in almost every price range. That’s something that will make the budget minded enthusiast happy and satisfy the wants of many hard core audiophiles. For more than thirty years Longplayer Stereo Center has done its best to satisfy the audio needs of the music and video lover. We will continue to do so whatever your audio desire may be.